Meet The Team


Office Manager/Assistant

Jennifer has been with Dr. Schwartz for over 15 years. As office manager, she works hard at ensuring that each day goes smoothly and that we try to accommodate all of our patients' needs.


Elizabeth is the face you see at the Front Desk on Tuesday and Thursdays.  She has been with our practice since 2011.


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North Shore Towers Office

North Shore Towers Office




Derrice has had 7 years experience working in a nursing facility before coming to us. She has the friendliest demeanor and is always happy to assist.  Derrice is a full-time college student and attends Adelphi University and will be graduating in 2021 as a Psychology major with minors in African, Black and Caribbean studies as well as Criminal Justice!

Amanda has been with our practice for a few years.  She is our behind the scenes girl who handles some a lot of our behind the scenes tasks.  She  attends Adelphi University, Class of 2021.  She will graduate with a B.A in Psychology and and B.A in Childhood Education with a minor in Graphic Design.  


Manhasset Office

Manhasset Office

Manhasset Office

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