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What is "Pigeon Toe" Walking?

image of pigeon toe
image source: wikipedia

Pigeon toes (intoeing) is a condition in which the feet point inward when walking. It is commonly seen in children and may resolve in very early childhood with no treatment or intervention.  The child should be examined by a foot and ankle specialist if the intoeing causes significant tripping, difficulty with normal activity, pain, difficulty with shoes or is not resolved in early childhood. There may be structural problems causing the intoeing, which require treatment by a foot and ankle specialist. 

Because there are several potential causes, it is important to have heel pain properly diagnosed. A foot and ankle specialist is able to distinguish between all the possibilities and to determine the underlying source of your heel pain.

Symptoms of pigeon toes:

With pigeon toes your feet point toward each other while:

  • At rest

  • Standing

  • Walking

  • Running

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